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December 16, 2010

How Do You Make Money With The SFI Home Business Opportunity

There are probably hundreds of ways to make money with the SFI home business opportunity, and I will not pretend that I know them all. However, there are just three basic things that you ultimately are doing whatever channel you choose to use. This is what you do with your SFI home business to start making money.

1.    Learn the term 'versa points'
This is probably the equivalent of grading in your regular world. Versa points are the system of merit that is very special to SFI home business. They way it is built into this home business opportunity means that no one is ever left off the growth chart whether their business development budget is free or paid. 

This is the unit of measure that will help you identify and realize your goals. It will help you know when you are about to get to your next goal and what you need to do to get there. Simply put, it puts you in charge of your business.

Within days of starting your own affiliate business in the SFI home business, familiarize yourself
with how to make your monthly points targets. No! You are not required to buy stuff to make those targets.

To start your own business with the SFI business opportunity for free, click on the link: SFI home business

2.    Refer people to the Triple Clicks shop. 
 When they become members, you make money; it is that simple. SFI Marketing Group does exactly that; market thousands of products. 

There are over 29,000 products in the triple clicks shop and there is no way someone will go there and fail to find a product they want to purchase. Personally, that is not what wows me; what completely amazes me is the pricing of products for members.

I mean, this was the first place I saw an online product going for 5$ and giving me stuff worth 150$ (this is my my experience but please note the prices vary per item). It was so unbelievable, I went and bought another – just to be sure it was for real, (tickle).

To join triple clicks and start making money by referring members, click on the link: Triple Clicks Shop

If you are already an SFI affiliate, then make sure you do join the Triple Clicks shop. Its your gateway to serious money in the SFI home business

3.    Show others how to achieve their goals.
The third way you make money in the SFI home business is by helping people to achieve their goals when they join the SFI home business in your team. This is you most powerful route to exciting amounts of money in any Network company. With your team you multiply your abilities exponentially.

For example, if you join SFI home business opportunity today from this page, I automatically become your sponsor. It is therefore in my interests that you achieve your goals in the SFI home business. When you prosper, we will all prosper.

To start your own business with the SFI business opportunity for free, click on the link: SFI home business

To join the SFI money minting platform free – Triple Clicks – and identify products that you can easily start to promote today and make money fast, click on the link: Triple Clicks Shop

To select a gift for your friends and family from over 29,000 products, starting from as low as 5$, click on the link: Triple Clicks Shop

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