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April 1, 2014

When a Woman Gets More by Giving Less

They say women spend more time thinking about love while men spend more time thinking about sex. In my view, what this says is both genders spend an incredible amount of thought time thinking about love. Sometimes we are thinking about how to get it, and at other times we are thinking of how to give it, or the two in the past. In this article with brief relationship tips, we focus on how to get love as well as how to give love in ways that leave you feeling good about your relationship.

Should I Be Mother and Nanny Or Should I Be Friend and Lover?
When women talk, I sometimes hear two things that are as amusing as they are depressing. I hear women designate their husbands as their ‘first born’ child. I also hear women say plenty of things that suggest the man in their lives is completely inept without them. The first thought, where the man is the supposed ‘first born’ is amusing where it is said as a fond description to show that he needs care and nurture. It quickly degenerates into some kind of slavery when it comes just before, alongside, or immediately after the second idea.

April 6, 2012

Growing a Business - How to Soar Your Sales In All Seasons

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GROWING a business is an undisputed route to better living, but to actually generate the sales to justify your work to be called a business is a task. The truth is, people are always buying and the secret to growing a business is to keep them buying from you when the times are good or bad. Is it possible, you ask? 

Have you not seen people who run establishments that get more clients in all seasons? What could be their secret? How is it that they keep the flow of buyer coming in? It does neither you nor your business any good if customers keep buying from your next door neighbor and not from you. Here are four time proven strategies to growing your business and your profits, be it an online or a brick and mortar store.

Believe in perennial supply
Many times we start growing a business with a mind that says there will be times when people will buy and when we cannot get more clients to buy. There is a tiny change in there that separates the constant winners from those that have hard times. The perennial winners know that people always buy; it is only WHAT they buy that shifts.

March 30, 2012

How to Run a Home Business Being a Stay at Home Mom With Kids

How to Run a Home Business Being a Stay at Home Mom With Kids

By Tim Bonderud

Running a business from home has equal opportunity of earning as any other business has. Taking it rightly; there are positive sides of it also. What matters is the way one thinks. There is abundance of examples of successful business which were started at home and have grown into flourishing entities over a period of time. The same condition applies to a home business for stay at home moms. In these days, starting a business for stay at home mom has larger scope due to internet. Doing a business from home saves money for a stay at home mom. The money is saved on rent for an office and expenses on commuting to the office.

There is plenty of home business for stay at home moms. The array of business make an individuals adrenalin gush, but the rational process of deciding about what to do needs certain due considerations.

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March 20, 2012

Think and Grow Rich – The Greatest Success Manual and a Discount

As has been quoted many times by the best and well known mentors of our times, Think and Grow Rich is without debate the greatest success book of all time. As described by Anthony Robbins one of the best known success mentors of our time, the book which was first produced in hard cover and later in soft cover, is without a doubt one of the best manuals for success ever written.

Everyone with their name on the list of the who’s who in our generation, without exception attribute some impact in their success and eventual transformation to this text. They refer to it with respect as one of the carriers of change for generations. Tens of missions of people all over world, and their numbers are not separated by color, race, or creed attest to having experienced life transforming revelations within the pages of this classic manual.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill first published in 1937 has maintained its appeal

February 14, 2012

Where To Find Information To Learn How To Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO and learning how to optimize your blog for search engines can be rocket science if you are just walking into the blog writing world. I like to say tongue in cheek that all those mathematical oriented kids who wore braces and thick spectacles that we refused to invite into our parties have come back to haunt us. Now we have all grown up, they have become algorithm experts, and enjoy torturing us every day with reminders of how dumb we were in math. Well, I am duly chastised! 

That is the bad news! The good news you can learn SEO and how to optimize your blog for search from the outside without having to figure out all the mathematics and algorithms (I still have no idea what that word means). As in all specialized fields there is lingua for the experts and lingua for the layman. If you are more inclined towards words than you are towards figures and numbers, there is still hope for you.

Start by deciding that the internet is a jungle of information and that there is at least one

January 10, 2012

How To Make Money Online From Your Blog

One of the best ways to make money online from your blog and from home is to turn your blog into an income source. The principle is really not very new. If you pick up any hard-copy newspaper or magazine you will find that there is space that is purchased by advertisers to say their piece through the magazine or newspaper.

The only key difference with the online system is that the opportunity to make money online from your blog is much greater because you can start a blog on virtually any topic that catches your fancy. That said, there are two main challenges of starting a blog with the intention of making money from it. The first challenge is that you will need to develop a reading audience. Traffic, as readers are called online, is an important part of the game.

The second challenge is to be actually found by search engines to ensure your blog comes

December 16, 2010

How Do You Make Money With The SFI Home Business Opportunity

There are probably hundreds of ways to make money with the SFI home business opportunity, and I will not pretend that I know them all. However, there are just three basic things that you ultimately are doing whatever channel you choose to use. This is what you do with your SFI home business to start making money.

1.    Learn the term 'versa points'
This is probably the equivalent of grading in your regular world. Versa points are the system of merit that is very special to SFI home business. They way it is built into this home business opportunity means that no one is ever left off the growth chart whether their business development budget is free or paid. 

This is the unit of measure that will help you identify and realize your goals. It will help you know when you are about to get to your next goal and what you need to do to get there. Simply put, it puts you in charge of your business.

Within days of starting your own affiliate business in the SFI home business, familiarize yourself

December 14, 2010

Five Top Decisions To Make Before Signing Up For The SFI Business Opportunity

The SFI business opportunity is not for everyone. It is primarily for individuals who wish to earn an extra or primary stream of income by growing an online or offline business. For that reason, you can tell not everyone will fit in the SFI business opportunity, and not everyone will grow a business of the same size at SFI.

However, everyone that has taken a decision to build their own successful business, no matter what size of income they wish to achieve can do it. It is simple to follow, once you get the hang of the information packed site. There are tools to help everyone grow regardless of your business building budget; from free to spend money to make money budgets.

In my experience, those that join SFI having decided on the top five biggie factors that I list here, cant help but make money with SFI business opportunity. Here are five decisions that you must make before joining. They will help you build a successful business with the SFI business opportunity:

1.    Decide that the SFI business opportunity is YOUR business.
Though I am available to answer questions from my team, I cannot be there all of the time, and neither can I make decisions for them.

However, if you join SFI business opportunity as your thing, you will initiate your growth plan and that way it will be easier for me to help you achieve your goals.

One of the first things I recommend that you do after joining the SFI business opportunity is to fill in your goals page.

That action alone has two primary benefits:

December 13, 2010

Ten Practical Steps to Starting Your Own Business – Part One

If you have some capital and you are wondering about what to do with the money in order to a) make more money, and b) not lose the money, and c) work in a business that will consistently give you more money, then here are ten practical steps.

1.    Do not be in a hurry to start anything simply on the recommendation of a friend or family member. Most of them will be more interested in the money than in you, and most do not have a successful business themselves so they are only selling you theory.

2.    Understand the rules of the business. To succeed in ANY business takes a fair amount of learning to flow in the way that industry works. All businesses are tailored along specific rules; the less you know of the rules of a business, the more money you lose. 

3.    Give yourself time to do research and enter into the industry that you can understand with the least effort. If you have an accounting background, go into the area of business that will utilize those skills naturally, but be open to learn other areas such as marketing and human behavior. The best you can do for yourself is to invest a year in targeted business research. Meanwhile…

4.    Turn the money you have into an asset as you are doing your research.

Sounds silly, but here is the fact. As the cash holder, an asset is anything that brings you money. If you have cash on you and it is not bringing you money, it is not an asset to you, but it is probably an asset to your banker who will charge you a fee to store the cash in their bank.

Therefore how do you turn your cash into an asset? Give it to someone who is in the money market, who makes money daily in the money market, and charge them with the work of making you money.
Ten Practical Steps in Summary
1.    Do not be in a hurry to start
2.    Understand the rules of the business.
3.    Give yourself time to do research
4.    Turn the money you have into an asset
5.    Enter a miniscule percentage to a low risk, high training enterprise