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April 6, 2012

Growing a Business - How to Soar Your Sales In All Seasons

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GROWING a business is an undisputed route to better living, but to actually generate the sales to justify your work to be called a business is a task. The truth is, people are always buying and the secret to growing a business is to keep them buying from you when the times are good or bad. Is it possible, you ask? 

Have you not seen people who run establishments that get more clients in all seasons? What could be their secret? How is it that they keep the flow of buyer coming in? It does neither you nor your business any good if customers keep buying from your next door neighbor and not from you. Here are four time proven strategies to growing your business and your profits, be it an online or a brick and mortar store.

Believe in perennial supply
Many times we start growing a business with a mind that says there will be times when people will buy and when we cannot get more clients to buy. There is a tiny change in there that separates the constant winners from those that have hard times. The perennial winners know that people always buy; it is only WHAT they buy that shifts.

Let us say for instance you are growing a business that sells ladies shoes (it could be online or offline). As soon as the weather changes for instance, you know that the shoes that sold last season will obviously not be the same shoes in demand in the next season.

Therefore, if you insist on retaining the shoes of the last season, you will lose clients. The secret to perennial supply when growing a business is this: go with the CURRENT needs of your customers. 

Be a leader to your customers
People prefer to follow and customers are no different. If you give them too much choice, they get confused and oh, oh! There goes a sale! There are few people who are clear cut about what they really do want when they enter into a shop, or browse a website.

They look at this, and that, and, goodness! I want all of it! But then, they can only spend so much. So how do you help while growing a business? Have a favorite that they can ‘follow’. If you guarantee them that that is the BEST there is, they will follow your lead, decide, and buy. 

When Growing a Business Build people towards their desires
The primary outward or hidden drive in all of us is the desire to feel good. Customers will select one product over another or one seller over another because the one supports their need to feel good more than the other. What is the ‘hidden’ feel good reason why people will buy what you are selling?

The key to growing a business and to get more clients is to learn to think like the buyer, not like the seller. Why for example would someone buy your suntan lotion? As one of my favorite authors says, don’t sell the suntan lotion; sell the sun tan and the emotional tag with it. Always sell the benefits because those are what make people buy what they buy. “Look sexy! Get the suntan without the sun burn!” Now that will keep your till going ching ching!

Build relationships as You are Growing a Business
One of my most transformational ‘aha’ moments was in a business development seminar, where the presenter gave statistics to this effect: over sixty percent (60%) of your enquirers will come back and buy depending on how you relate to them. I thought, SIXTY? Yet, think about it…

How many times have you gone into a shop ‘just to inquire’ and ended up going right back there to actually buy? What is it that took you back? They inspired some level of confidence. Online, that principle is even easier to execute to get more clients – take their email contact and follow up with them. Remember, that they came to you in the first place, means they need what you have. Now it is up to you to press the right buttons to confirm the sale and keep growing a business.

One of the best marketing programs I have ever read on growing a business, one that I continue to refer to is the Give to Get Marketing Solution. This wonderful resource gives you the step by step strategy to work all these tips with specific reference to your business in ways that will turn your efforts of growing a business into a successful venture in a very short time indeed. 

Growing a Business - Quick Tip
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