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December 14, 2010

Five Top Decisions To Make Before Signing Up For The SFI Business Opportunity

The SFI business opportunity is not for everyone. It is primarily for individuals who wish to earn an extra or primary stream of income by growing an online or offline business. For that reason, you can tell not everyone will fit in the SFI business opportunity, and not everyone will grow a business of the same size at SFI.

However, everyone that has taken a decision to build their own successful business, no matter what size of income they wish to achieve can do it. It is simple to follow, once you get the hang of the information packed site. There are tools to help everyone grow regardless of your business building budget; from free to spend money to make money budgets.

In my experience, those that join SFI having decided on the top five biggie factors that I list here, cant help but make money with SFI business opportunity. Here are five decisions that you must make before joining. They will help you build a successful business with the SFI business opportunity:

1.    Decide that the SFI business opportunity is YOUR business.
Though I am available to answer questions from my team, I cannot be there all of the time, and neither can I make decisions for them.

However, if you join SFI business opportunity as your thing, you will initiate your growth plan and that way it will be easier for me to help you achieve your goals.

One of the first things I recommend that you do after joining the SFI business opportunity is to fill in your goals page.

That action alone has two primary benefits:

a)    It causes you to actively decide what you wish to achieve. The minute you decide, you will find that doors will start to open that you never knew existed.
b)    It will help me as your sponsor (if you choose to send it to me – which I would encourage) to help you plan your growth strategy. Remember, I am a small business coach and therefore I can only help you grow according to your goals not mine.

2.    Decide to grow whether with or without your Sponsor's support. 
Why is that important? The SFI business opportunity has at least 7possible options (that I know of at the time of writing this) to link up with other affiliates within its system. That means in the absence of your sponsor you cannot fail to find someone who will answer your question.

I know for certainty, no sponsor can guarantee to be there for you all of the time, but you can be there for your business all of the time and make it work if you decide that it is your endeavor. 

3.    Commit two hours daily to learn how to make money:
Decide to commit at least two to three hours everyday for the first six months to do nothing but to learn, promote and develop new ways of making money on the SFI business opportunity platform.

I have found that my understanding of how to make money on the SFI business opportunity platform multiplied exponentially when I started to hang out at the site for about two to three hours daily. Things that were Greek before suddenly became very clear.

This calls for a lot of internet time. If you cannot make that kind of time online, you will find that your growth will slow down considerably. After six months, the business will largely be running itself, and you can then reduce (or increase) the time as you see best.

4.    Commit an hour daily to familiarize with the SFI website
Choose to commit at least an hour online to read, understand, and internalize the information on the SFI website.

How is that different from the previous point, the earlier is to decide to find new ways to grow your business – how you make money.

This is an hour to learn how the SFI business opportunity platform operates so that you can help your team to find their way around the site. It will enable you to be a better sponsor for your team because your teams' growth starts with you. If you are lost, your team will be lost too and that means they cannot grow, and you cannot make money.

The SFI website is one of the heaviest information websites I have encountered online. It is packed with pages upon pages of ways to market online and offline, ways to build money making websites and drive traffic to them, not to mention the 29,000 plus possible products that you can choose from to sell either online or offline. You do not navigate around those on the fly. Hang around and you will figure out what happens. 

5.    Decide on your money goals as quickly as possible.
Though there are several goals you can make on the SFI business opportunity platform, it is primarily a vehicle to making money. The minute you have your money goals set out, you are in a position to look around and decide, what can get me there fastest. You will find, as soon as you sign up for membership, there are umpteen routes that you can use to get to your money goal.

To Take Action
To start your own business with the SFI business opportunity for free, click on the link: SFI home business

To join the SFI money minting platform free – Triple Clicks – and identify products that you can easily start to promote today and make money fast, click on the link: Triple Clicks Shop

To select a gift for your friends and family from over 29,000 products, starting from as low as 5$, click on the link: Triple Clicks Shop

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