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December 2, 2010

A Home Business Where You Get Paid In Your Country

If you are in a less developed nation like I am, and you have concerns about how will get paid, then the SFI home business is for you. In my search for a business where I would get paid right at home, I realized that many online work and home based businesses are tailored to work for people with credit cards, people who are in the EU and people who pay their taxes to the IRS. That meant that no matter how hard I worked, I would need to search for other legal ways to circumvent their systems to get my money into the country. With the SFI home business, you do not need to waste days and weeks to find a way to get money into your country of residence. 

When I first started looking for work from home jobs and home business opportunities online, my first stop was to work as a freelance writer. If you would like to pursue that line, and it has it benefits, I give the link to a legitimate company below.
Want to work as a freelancer?
I recommend Elance. I do not suggest that getting a job on Elance is a walk in the park, but you will find that they are a mature site with great rules and even better customer services. I recommend them wholeheartedly. If you would like to learn more about their service, click on the name link: Elance
My search for a legitimate work from home opportunity opened me up to some heavy incidences of discrimination along nationality lines that ensured I could not get paid camouflaged in the phrase 'different country laws' or some such other not-so-clever wording. The worst one for me in my freelance work was with a well known online merchant (who I will not name for it adds no value). Here are their rules (generally as I see them); you can work as a freelancer in the US or in the EU, you can get money through us, but you cannot withdraw and get money into your country through us, but hey – we'll be happy to help you spend it right here in the US.

How is that for crappy? I wasn’t working to pay my bills in the US, and last time I checked I could not pay my landlord with gizmos bought online as currency. Hallo! If the company had started business last year, that 'different country laws' blah would wash, but they've been in business for years. Besides, if I can pay from my country, how is it suddenly impossible to give me my money via the same route? 

Anyway, when I made up my mind that I wanted to add a home business portfolio to being a professional ghostwriter, I knew a major criteria for my choice would be if I can get paid in my country. Therefore, after enrolling in the SFI home business for free, my next stop on their site was their payment policy page.  Besides, if I was going to promote their products (which are pretty awesome by the way) I wanted a business that allowed everyone on my team to get money whatever their geographical location. I was excited to learn that the SFI Debit Card works internationally. You get paid on it, and walk over to your local ATM and collect cash in your currency. How cool is that!

There are other ways to get money too, but that to me was very significant.

To join SFI Home Business is completely FREE and you can join right now and start developing your business today, today.

To join the 'Income with a Mission' Team where I will help your build your own profitable business, click on the SFI Home Business link: SFI Home Business 

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