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September 3, 2010

Mind Mastery is The Personal Discipline of the High Achiever

Thoughts are energy!

Try thinking 'I feel good!' on a morning when you have woken up in a relatively okay mood and see how you will be feeling by mid morning. Most likely you will be ecstatic by then, feeling like you could conquer the whole world.

It is like eating a great meal! You feel so full of energy in a short while that you want to live forever. Mental and physical discipline is not a luxury for high achievers it is a necessity. They must consciously learn to discipline their mind to only focus on the thoughts that build them in the direction they wish to go.

Let us take the example of an athlete. I come from a nation world renowned for record breaking athletes. As most people who have success, and high achievers living in their backyard, many of us and I was no different, rarely if ever think much about what it takes to win that gold medal.

Well, I did not think much of it until I encountered real flesh and blood award winning runners in Ethiopia – then I knew the discipline and hours of training ensure their success is never an accident.

The discipline comes first, the success naturally follows

At a point in life I used to wonder why those award winners never seem excited. The occasional one will get overwhelmed and break down in tears, but I always notice that they are never tears of excitement. They often appear to be tears of relief, or release. It is like a state of 'its over and all the hours were worth it!'

After Ethiopia I understood the calm disposition winners wear; the winning does not happen on the field, it happened every day for months a little confidence at a time until as a natural sequence of events, the gold medal came into their hand.

Here is the important point, it is impossible to attain that confidence one day at a time with weak self-programming. An athlete running on the peak of a volcanic mountain cannot do miles on, 'I am so tired, I will never complete this, I can never win a gold medal, I'm so thirsty' and such like stuff.

They move and make daily improvement on developed mind muscle; consciously repeating and almost chanting to themselves, 'I can do this, I can win a gold medal, my speed today will be better than yesterday, my muscles are getting stronger'.

Now can you see how the discipline of mind mastery is a must for a high achiever?

Choose to understand the power of mind mastery for your own life

The greatest tragedy of our times is that there are still millions of people who believe that the discipline of conquering one's mind is a practice of weird and dreadful religious enthusiasm.

As a matter of fact, the practice and discipline of mind mastery is a natural training. It is just as natural as learning to ride a bicycle or play a musical instrument. They are disciplines of life; except one is visible and the other, in a manner of speech is not.

It is not visible as a manner of speech because the results of the man who has conquered his/her mind are as clear as the computer screen before you. Mind discipline shows.

As long as one continues to deny this fundamental truth of our being, they continue to languish in less than appealing personal conditions.

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