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September 2, 2010

Inspiration you can depend on is all around you when you keep an open heart

I found one of the most profound narrations I have ever read in the Bible.
Profound because it took me well over two decades to finally understand it, and profound because most people I have met believe you cannot learn the Law of Attraction from the Bible.
Most teachers of the Law of Attraction will refer to the Bible in quick reference to a common quotation; as a man thinks so is he. It is a half quote actually because the complete quotation has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction.
Having understood the basic substance of the Law of Attraction, I am often inclined to think that most Law of Attraction teachers have no idea where the original quotation is.
But I was not talking about that common Law of Attraction quotation.
The Bible and the story of the Law of Attraction
There is a story of a man in the Bible called Jacob. Now Jacob was streetwise as we would speak of him today.
The time came for his father, feeling old enough to speak as one likely to die soon, to explain his will to his children. I trust that the procedure utilised to communicate with his children had a lot to do with their traditions. He apparently had to be full before he could declare a blessing on his sons.
Jacob in collaboration with his mother went in to collect his blessing pretending to be his brother. The plan was to get a better deal from his now aged and blind father and it worked. Abraham probably being not only old but senile believed the lie and gave the blessing of the older son to Jacob. Thus sibling rivalry was born in old Abraham's home and that is how Jacob went into exile to run away from his angry brother.
Jacob being homeless as many people become when making a transition from one state of belief to another took refuge in his uncle's farm. He took up various jobs for his uncle, but the man was treacherous and selfish. He would agree to pay Jacob a certain wage, and when the time came for making payment he would change the compensation plan to ensure Jacob got little if not zero.
After a cool fourteen years, Jacob tired of living mediocre, kicked in the Law of Attraction to start working for him. That is where the story becomes profound.
Rather than agree on a post-yield compensation, he negotiated a pre-yield compensation plan. In it, Jacob would propose that the sheep that were fewer and weaker in the herd would be his pay. For example if it was the spotted sheep that were fewer and weaker in the herd, his agreed pay would be the spotted calves.
Gleefully, the man would agree. Jacob would then start his work of conscious creation and by the end of the season the spotted sheep would be more and would be the healthier ones. How would he do that, you ask?
When the strong sheep were mating, even if they were white as snow, he would hold spotted pieces of bark before them and the offspring would turn out spotted.
A simple story but extremely profound. And trust me when I say there is a lot in that story.
The Law of Attraction is about focus
There is no contradiction between the Books of Religion and the seemingly profound truths we are teaching and learning now. I know that there is no contradiction between the Law of Attraction and the Bible. What you choose to focus on, with strong emotion attached to it will become your physical reality, with or without your conscious choice.
When we choose to open up our minds to truth, and knowledge we will find that the Laws of the Universe are everywhere. There is not one language in which you must learn the one Truth; for no two people speak the same language.
The only true language of truth is the one that is in your heart the evidence of which is all around you. It is not in the words, it is in the 'knowing’ in your heart. You will know it when you hear it because your heart will leap within you in acceptance of the one Truth of all the earth. Then you will 'know' you have found inspiration you can believe in.

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