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September 3, 2010

The greatest joy on the earth is to see your world as perfect in this moment

It seems, as I continue to tick off years on my calendar, that the simpler things in life are the ones that have the greatest value.
The intricate design and painting is not the one that becomes a multimillion-dollar piece, it is the simple design of a man who simply painted a straight-faced woman. Haven’t you ever wondered what is so great about the Mona Lisa or other great paintings? I know I have. They look so easy to do and understand. Their value is in their simplicity. They allow for all self-appointed critics to fall over themselves saying non-profound complexities.
Why simplicity is priceless
First, because I write for non-native English readers too, the word 'priceless', in that confounding way of English, actually means 'full of price' or extremely valuable.
Simplicity is our natural state of being. Simplicity is what brings the true nature of our Being alive. Nature is simple. You put a seed in the ground and let it be – and it grows to become exactly what it was before being a seed. Simple, isn’t it?
Humanity though, seeks to complicate things too much. We start to enter into the world of complications at about six or seven, and by the time we are teenagers life has spiralled into total confusion. Yet life is greatest and best enjoyed in its simplicity.
It is simplicity that makes the child’s life so easy. For a child, things do not have hidden meanings. If you are my friend, then you are my friend and that means you are a good person. Oh! But how we complicate it as adults!
For you to be truly good, I would first have to assume that since I am a good person and you are my friend, then it would follow that you too must be a good person to be my friend. But even that would be too simple! 
The adult mind would much rather complicate it further. Maybe you are only pretending to be a good person. Who really is a good person? How long can you be this good person?
Perhaps if we just stopped at ‘I like you’, then we would not complicate relationships so much. The largest complication begins when we start to think about the meanings of things. What did he mean when he said that? What did she mean when she looked at me like that? And the complications go on and on.
That is what makes simplicity valuable. To see things just as they are without imputing great meaning and implications on self, create a world around you that is total bliss. Your world becomes like that of a child; a soul that is content to the point of being enthralled.

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