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October 5, 2010

Starting out on the journey of searching for what I did not know

It is an interesting encounter if you think about it – looking for something you do not know. Having started what essentially is a quiet transformation with a noisy declaration, 'if I am not rich by the end of this year, then God is a fraud' was probably the single silliest thing I ever did on this journey.
I mean now all eyes were on me to discover how fraudulent I was going to make God out to be, and I had no idea what I was even on about.
You see, all I knew I had within was a nagging – a sense of 'there is more to my life than anything I have encountered this far'.
Now it is second to impossible to tell people that you are looking for something, which you yourself cannot define. It is an easy way to be declared a psycho and I was well on my way to that title.
Things came to a funny head for me in an honestly unrelated encounter though. The first was an encounter with what I now know as world famous personal development therapy; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Its funny, the saying is true; when the pupil is ready, the teacher will come. More often than not, we do not even recognise that teacher even when they are standing right before us. And I was no different.
Within the year, I was jobless and broke – two common partners on this plane. So I stated to look for a job in Kenya, and did the usual. I noised it about all my friends the exact kind of job I wanted. On a usual morning just like today, a friend called to say, 'have you seen the papers?'
Now they were not talking about a job in the papers but a seminar that they thought I should attend. A seminar charging some $200! For goodness sakes! I was looking for a job, not seminars I almost yelled at her.
Anyway, I have long learned that such information around the time you are looking for something has where it is taking you. So with a lot of pain, I picked the daily and turned to the advert.
I read and re-read the page; not because it had a job, but because it had a 'something' I wanted.
'I am going to work for that man', I declared to myself and thus begun 'Operation Find a Job – Fast'. He wasn’t employing he said, but you need to know a few things to overcome that 'we are not employing' blah that employers give. Within a month I had a job in the company that 'was not employing'. You've gotta know some tricks I tell you.
Well, within the month I had a job in an organisation teaching people using NLP technology.

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