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October 4, 2010

Mind Mastery is a skill like driving or playing a musical instrument

I have met enough people to know that there is a large population everywhere you go that sincerely believe that Mind Mastery is a teaching of foreign religions and extraordinary mystic encounters.
I would agree with them if I had never encountered a recently vibrant retiree crumble, wither and literally die before my eyes within a short period of less than five years after retirement.
Degeneration and loss of verve happens from within
It is a dramatic change; the man comes home after years of service as the supervisor or head of department in a large corporation. He starts by engaging the neighbour with regaling tales of all the wonderful things he has seen in his years of service.
Soon, well as soon as six months later, most people have almost memorised his narrations so now he does not draw too much of a crowd or attention anywhere.
Within a year, he starts to think and subsequently see evidence that his value has diminished. It is not really that his value has diminished, but you always see evidence of whatever thoughts you are holding. For the retiree, you can see his self worth diminish in his gait and in his speech.
Where he used to walk with a spring in his step, now he walks a bit slower – a lot more like an old man. Where he would tell his stories with the gusto of a fine story teller, he now forms his sentences rather hesitantly.
All too soon, the decay starts to show in his material possessions. Where his car would start with one kick in the morning, it develops a condition mechanics lovingly refer to as a hard-start. Lovingly because they say it in the same tone you would use to describe a woman's hard-labour.
Within a year, his entire head is one mass of white hair. I say white hair deliberately; for there is a definite difference in the colour of natural greying with age, and greying from stress. The former has a silver hue; the latter has a dead grey look. Have you ever heard the term ageing gracefully? Ageing is not just ageing; it's either graceful or forced.
In under five years, our retiree will develop one of those fancy lifestyle conditions. But whereas the one who retired with an idea of what to do will brag about 'his' gout, diabetes, high blood pressure, and aches, my decaying retiree will hold his agonies inside.
In the natural sequence of decay, the family will soon issue an invite that we may go and sing for his remains in a box 'in the sweet by and bye'.
Look! The man did not need to die then; he killed himself – from within.
How did he commit unwitting suicide?
He learned the phrase, 'I am no longer useful to anyone here,' consistently from within. And sure enough, he soon lost relevance to anyone here on this plane. The nature of life is that you are of no consequence to earth once you cross to the next plane, except for the annual newspaper 'album' and the other one that is available for guests to view.
Mind mastery is a human skill, much like learning how to ride a bicycle or play a musical instrument. You repeat the actions, and repeat, and repeat them until they become second nature. Then we say you now know how to ride a bicycle or play the guitar.
Mind Mastery is a repetition of the words, in your mind – you repeat them, and repeat them until they become your second nature. You can choose to use the same skill to add life to your life or to remove life from your life – it is all up to you.

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