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October 20, 2010

Goal setting – simple tips to make your goals much easier to achieve

A few weeks ago, I gave myself a new task that is taking up a huge chunk of my time. Now, as every true blogger will testify, managing a blog and keeping it up to date can be a task on its own.

Now, I have a number of blogs; one severely Kenyan for fresh graduates looking for jobs in Kenya, and another related to the first that has short tips. The events I go through daily trigger those entries because the job scene in Kenya is interesting. Then there is this one; my true love which makes my days come alive. Handling three blogs, and keeping up with other work stuff in the course of my day is quite the life.

That did not stop me from adding another job to my day, namely freelance writing. If my day was busy before, now it is teeming. I love freelance work – it not only gives me the joy of interacting with all sorts of amazing new people and topics, but it keeps my mind grounded on the fact that I am a publishing girl at heart much as I love personal development.
Suddenly the minutes have become more important. Here are a few tips of what I am doing to make sure I achieve my outcome of each day.

1.    At the end of each day, I will pause to think through what I will work on the following day, then I write those down in no order of importance – just things to do tomorrow. I love that; I have always had a TTD list, but now I have a TTDT list and I have happily chosen to keep the last 'T' out, so I still have a TTD list. Lol… I am just happy like that.

2.    Then I let go of it all, close my work desk, and off I go to sort out other personal issues – like eating and having another one of those mind boggling 'why is life like this' talks with my significant other. 

3.    In the morning, I take 30 minutes to just visualise what I want my day to be like. I see myself completing each of my assigned tasks feeling happy to send it out on time.

4.    First thing as I sit at my desk, I start by doing all the routine things that must get done. Check my mail is one of those; it has gained value for me because now I am working with people from different time zones. Goodness, there is a lady I am working with who is in Canada; she is a whopping seven hours behind me. I mean when I am nice and snoring, she is sending me serious emails like that. Spooky!

5.    Once those are complete, I take up my TTD list of last night and turn it into my TTD list of the day. Then I launch on the most difficult task on that list first. Why? Because I have realised that if I can get the hardest task done early, the other one's flow like water.

Important point to note; I start my day with 'seeing my work complete' and it is rare that I end the day with an incomplete task. Now here is the really cool part; I end my day on a great sense of personal achievement. That alone makes everyday worth living.

Why does that bit of visualisation work so well? Because life is first lived in the mind and then lived in reality. 

Have an empowered and task accomplishing day.

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