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October 18, 2010

Money – the energy around your personal finance multiplies your income ability

Money for most people is the physical cash that they hold in their hand. I however do not think there is another generation that can have as good a time understanding the intangibility of money and personal finances as ours.

We have very few tangible representations of cash left around us anymore. We have cards both debit and credit, bank accounts, online accounts, and if you are in a country like mine, mobile phone accounts. There is really nothing in all of those to give you the tangible indication of the actual cash money.

That is what makes it easier to understand that money is an energy and not the tangible physical cash that we generally and loosely refer to as money. How is money an energy?
It took me quite a while to figure it out myself, and a good many reading hours to get it, but when I finally did it was so clear I wondered why it was so hard to see in the first place.

The more abundant you 'feel' the more money you are likely to attract into your life. In my experience, it did not come in tangible cash form; rather it came in the form of jobs,
opportunities, ideas and as I took action on those things, the money came to me. Some people will look at the lack of or presence of money and the things that money can buy in a persons life and argue that its source is obvious.

It is simple, they would say; you work and you get paid.

That is precisely the point! There are many people who are extremely hard working that are seriously struggling in their personal finances. If all you needed to do to make money was to work, then the majority on the earth would be super rich; for the population of those that work hard is certainly higher than that of the lazy.

There are however very many words, figures of speech, trends, habitual thought patterns and internal beliefs that we entertain around the topic of our personal finances that serve to reduce our appreciation for abundance.

Take a simple test on yourself this week. Think through how the possibility of having more money in your life feels like. Listen to the thoughts that immediately start to flow through you as soon as you think 'more money'.

Usually, the idea that you would enjoy having more money in your life will trigger counter arguments either about the job you hold, or about the lack of opportunities. The point is not to think 'how' you will make more money – the important thing is to sit in the feeling that 'I have money.' The more you can make this a consistent way of thinking, the easier your money life will flow.

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