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August 2, 2010

Welcome to Grow and Earn, the all things personal growth blog

About this blog
This blog is about Personal Development; that's like the way you would find a homestead where everyone is vegetarian, so it's kind of untidy to start a conversation at dinner about these amazing beef dishes they make in Africa.

Similarly, I will consider it grossly impolite to tell you about the values of organic jet fuel on this blog, much as that may be a topic of intense interest to you.

You can safely then expect that everything on the blog will directly or indirectly discuss Personal Development and how you can enhance your life results, find good deals… of Personal Development Books, find the latest and empowering books… in Personal Development, and I am sure you catch the drift…

An important category of posts on this blog is the Kipepeo Journey

You will find the blog posts explained on the Kipepeo Journey page. The Kipepeo Journey page is sort of like the balcony in a house to a room where the actual room is the Kipepeo Journey blog entries. This page will help you understand why these posts are on a Personal Development blog. To go to the Kipepeo Journey page click on link: Kipepeo Journey

To your lifelong empowerment
Paula Zawadi Thayrow

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