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November 16, 2010

Of youthfulness and the pseudo-unlikelihood of disease

It's always fun to create a does-not-exist word like 'pseudo-unlikelihood' and then go ahead to seriously explain it – which is what I am just about to do. Lol…
Well, I am sure you know the meaning of pseudo; it is a prefix used to identify that something has the appearance of another thing, but it is not really the real one. Like a pseudo-Rolex would be a contraband Rolex looking like a Rolex but it is far from being a Rolex.
Unlikelihood of course you also know is the absence of possibility. Now pseudo-unlikelihood in that heading refers to the fake appearance of everlasting health that the youth walk in. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 28, does not have a child, has never had a serious medical condition all through childhood – other than the panic causing measles that breaks out in schools occasionally - can live comfortably in this pseudo-unlikelihood of disease for close to a decade before trouble starts.
This person believes that they have never been sick and so 'they will never be sick'. That is the error; they are deceived by the everlasting appearance of health and they ignorantly believe disease will never catch up with them.
The trouble with that blissful ignorance is that disease and ill health do not happen one early morning on your way from the shower. Ill health happens one day at a time for years; actually one book I read said seven years.
Here is how it works; most parents are keen to feed their children on healthy stuff including in their diet vegetables, fruits and plenty of water. You continue on a fairly nutritious diet all through to the time you leave your parents house. You are now responsible for your own diet and this is what many people do – they tell themselves that as bachelors or spinsters they cannot be bothered with the hassles of cooking. They slip into eating junk food.
Within a few years short of a decade, you have taken all the reserves of health out of your cells and you are now open to all sorts of attacks. Then we say disease begins at about thirty.
It does not need to. Train yourself to eat healthy only today and each day and you will keep healthy for far much longer. It is that simple.
Disease is like a clock ticking a minute at a time. You are either moving towards disease every day or walking towards health - like a clock ticking, ticking, ticking...

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