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December 11, 2010

Natural Can Be The Simplest and Cheapest Way to Stay Healthy

There is a lot that is said about health and being healthy on earth. The health industry is in fact the second largest industry after entertainment. Apparently after people stop laughing, they realize they are at risk of not enjoying the laughter long enough if they die, and so they think about their health.

I had my first encounter with weight about seven years ago. It took me two years to grow from a tall slim girl to a tall plus-size girl. I make a joke often that it took many hours of eating wrong to get there. After two years of working hard at killing myself with a spoon, I started the equally hard work of regaining my health through a spoon. I have been on both sides of the divide between healthy and not so healthy and I think I can add my voice to the matter with a degree of authority.

There is, as far as I am concerned, a very easy formula for maintaining healthy. Since I like to be happy, I like to make the thought of being healthy fun. Therefore, I take one animal whose health and physique I admire and I emulate its eating habits and its routine workout habits and
make those a part of my life pattern too. My number one choice is the giraffe because I am tall and so is the giraffe.

The giraffe is a healthy animal. Watch it stride along with strong firm muscles rippling in all the right places. It has not an ounce of flab – not a hint of blubber, but rather a fine glowing skin with a healthy sheen of natural color. Confidence oozes from within its innermost being, its stride says it is confident of its place on the earth. Oh goodness, I want to be like the giraffe. So what's its secret?

•    Eat clean veggies. The giraffe eats only from the upper branches and so it get to eat only the leaves and fruits cleaned off by the wind and the rain. No junk additives for this beauty. No junk additives to my veggies either. I eat them fresh or lightly steamed thank you.

•    The giraffe stays away from lazy all day long. It will walk long distances to find the very best vegetation. That works for me too. Well, I can't walk to look for food, but I can walk as part of my exercise habit. Since I do not like walking (and I am the human here) I walk aerobics. I love the music bit and it keeps me in shape.

•    The giraffe loves to drink water. That works for me too. Water is life, I love life, and therefore I will keep drinking water. I will not drink 'soda' and pretend it is water, I will not drink 'tea' and pretend it is water, I will not take any other beverage and try and make it pass as 'water'. No! I will drink clear, plain, natural, with not a hint of flavor at all – water! When I drink tea, I know its tea, but when I drink water, I will be honest enough with myself to make sure it is water that I am taking.

What is the best part of these three simple additions to my health plan? I love the fact that I enjoy loads of energy to achieve my goals, and that I generally feel very good and confident from deep within – just like the giraffe.

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